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In this property market we could all do with a little extra help and now in conjunction with the new new Government-backed equity scheme ‘Help to Buy’, you could move into a Leigh Brook Mews apartment with just a 4% deposit!

Available on properties up to £600,000 You may only need a 4% deposit to buy, and your purchased property is 100% yours. The Government backed equity will lend up 20% of the value of your intended property purchase, that can then be repaid at at any point during your mortgage lifetime or on the sale of the property. You can then secure the rest (76% of the value) through a mortgage from your bank or building society. One condition is that it's only available on new build properties - perfect for a Leigh Brook Mews apartment.

Here's the maths part… based on a £120,000 purchase price

Your arranged mortgage (76%) £91,200

Deposit (4%) £4,800

Government equity loan (20%) £24,000

Total Purchase Price: £120,000

For more information on Help to Buy or Leigh Brook Mews apartments call us on 01708 725000 or email

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